My Speaking Schedule

Perhaps you are interested in having me come and speak. You can contact me at 815-222-5744 or email him at If I am available, I would love to come and speak for just about any event. Here are examples of some of the events that I have spoken for in the past:

* Winter retreats
* Fall retreats
* Men’s retreats
* Summer camps
* Leadership training
* Parenting conferences
* High school spiritual emphasis weeks
* Middle school spiritual emphasis weeks
* Purity conferences
* College chapels
* Missions conferences
* Marriage conferences
* Pulpit supply
* College youth ministry classes
* Youth worker or youth pastor conferences
* Women’s groups

If you have never heard me speak before, you can get a brief sample of some of my recent talks. Just keep in mind that I am much better looking in person.

Life is Short (1:40)
Speaking to a group of junior and senior high students about the urgency of making a decission for Christ.

Dating (1:26)
This is a clip from a conference I spoke at for teens and parents.

Good Sex (1:09)
This clip provides a little humor to get across what “good sex” is all about.

Why Wait? (1:27)
If you ever wanted to know what “V.D.” stood for, the secret is revealed here!

Missions (1:38)
I can also dress up if you want me to! This is a good clip of me speaking with a suit and tie.

How Big Is God? (4:55)
This is a lengthy clip, but it’s one of my favorite illustrations.