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“My son and husband just heard u speak at camp forest springs and we want to thank you for the way u point our kids towards Jesus. Thanks for your powerful impact this past weekend!” Parent

“My daughter came home from Camp talking about you a lot and how God had used you. She started her devotional, that she bought from you, this morning and absolutely loved it ? Have a blessed week and thanks so much for having such a big impact on our daughter’s life!”

“Thank you for speaking at Snow Camp again! I have heard you many times and once again you spoke exactly what I think God wanted you to with our group. We had many, many students re-engage in their relationship with Jesus and several first time commitments to Him. We are praising Jesus for what He did! Thank you for the lifetime you have given to introducing teenagers to Jesus and helping them grow deeper in their faith!” Parent

“Greg told me I was loved and an amazing woman. It was hard to accept at first but I realized he showed me what God thinks of me and this helped me accept God’s love. This makes me want to be like that to others.” Written to her Youth Pastor

“Thank you so much for allowing Holy Spirit to use you. Earlier today, I picked up my daughter and her friend from school. On our way home, I asked them what was the highlight of their weekend. I expected answers like the games, the food, some random event, etc. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised to hear a unanimous, “The Speaker! He was the best.” Wow! “How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the Gospel of Peace and bring glad tidings of good things!!!” Parent

“Hi Greg, my son just returned from Woodleaf w/ King’s Academy! He loved it and said you were so funny and the best! I recognized your name as my husband & I saw you at weekend 2 remember in Burlingame a few years ago. I bought your DVD & book which I had you sign for him. 1st I was so excited at how much he loved your talks, then I recognized your name. Thank you for investing in teenagers and for making a difference in my son’s life. Praise God!” Parent

“My son was there at the camp retreat! He had a blast and raves about you! I’m so excited about what he learned!” Parent