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“Ever since I have had the power, I have brought Greg in to connect with my students. He is engaging, relatable, funny and Jesus-centered. Greg is a home run hitter and you’d be crazy not to have him as part of your event!” Heather Flies, Junior High Pastor for Wooddale Church, Minnesota & Youth Communicator

“Greg was born to communicate! I marveled at his abilities when I was in high school and now as a lead Pastor, he’s someone I continually look to for inspiration and humor. Greg weaves humor into his stories and just when you’re laughing hard, he hits you with profound and inspiring truth straight out of God’s Word! I highly recommend Greg Speck if you’re looking for the real deal who will call you to a very real God!” —- Jason Stonehouse, Lead Pastor, Minnesota & author of Something More

“I first heard Greg speak 20 years ago. All I can say is it changed my life. I was a 14-year-old who had been told about God my whole life but knew nothing about a personal relationship with God. Greg unpacked the Bible in a clear, strong and courageous way. He was to the point and not afraid to say what many others wouldn’t. It impacted me then and still does today. I am now a pastor myself and Greg’s teaching still inspires me. The most honest thing and powerful thing I could say about Greg is that when he speaks God speaks. I believe I owe my marriage, my family and my ministry in part to his teaching. Thankful to God for the times I have been under him.” Dave Brackenridge Senior Pastor of Riverside church, Kirkintilloch Scotland

“I’ve seen Greg speak to teenagers and I’ve seen him speak to adults. I’ve never seen an audience not captivated. Greg spoke at a family camp that I attended a few years ago, and afterward, I turned to my wife and said, “That’s the best sermon I’ve ever heard in my life.” Shortly after I got him to come and give that message at our church and it was the most downloaded and watched podcast of the year. Greg is humorous, biblical, and moves people towards Jesus Christ. I’d highly recommend him!” Jason Strand, Teaching Pastor, Eagle Brook Church – Lino Lakes, Minnesota

“For over 20 years I’ve watched Greg Speck lovingly connect with audiences of all ages. Greg is uniquely gifted at preaching and teaching in ways that hold attention and share biblical truth.” Dr. Chris Brauns, pastor of The Red Brick Church in Illinois and author of Unpacking Forgiveness and When the Word Leads Your Pastoral Search.

“I have invited Greg to speak at several teen events and parent workshops over the years. I want the people I lead to experience his ministry. Greg is an incredible communicator. His use of humor and practical application make him an instant hit with teens. God has given him favor with students and a connection with parents that I do not see in most speakers.” Brandon Early, Director of Student Ministries and Christian Life, Valley Church in Iowa

“Greg Speck is a seasoned professional whose message is timeless and relevant. He delivers with humor and wit and will engage even the most reluctant participant. His weekends with our congregation way up in the Great White North have been impactful and always leave us wanting more! His love and compassion for students is unmatched, and his passion for couples and families to experience healthy relationships is inspiring. Book him – you will not be disappointed!” Sherry Brown, Pastor of Worship Ministries, Harvest Hills Alliance Church, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

“With a wit that keeps you on the edge of your seats and a heart that is compassionate about Christ and His Word, Greg Speck is one of the best communicators on the family. He addresses sensitive issues with wisdom and grace, and his compassion for the family really shines through. You will not be disappointed to have Greg Speck for your Church or conference.” Isaiah DeMoss, Equipping Pastor, Highland Community Church, Wausau, Wisconsin

“Greg Speck is the real deal. He has an extraordinary way of engaging hearts young and old through humor, personal stories, and life-changing truths. But he’s not just the guy on the stage detached from the people he stands in front of. Rather he has genuine love and concern for youth and adults, which is why he does what he does so effectively.” Eric Rivera, Lead Pastor, The Brook in Chicago, Illinois

“Greg Speck is an amazing speaker! He can speak to teens and their parents with insightful humor. I love his personal stories that have me laughing one minute and crying the next. Every time I have heard him teach I have blessed to learn new Biblical insights. He receives my highest recommendation as a speaker.” Rev Paul Marzahn, Senior Pastor Crossroads Church

“Greg is a rare communicator, he is compelling, insightful, inspiring and hilarious! Greg’s passion is reaching and equipping parents, their teens and marriages. I’ve seen him connect equally well with adults at marriage conferences as well as teens at youth events… a unique gift and skill that I admire but could never duplicate. Add this to Greg (and Bonnie’s!) integrity and authenticity, and you have someone I’m grateful to be on the same team with. I’d encourage any organization or church to partner with Greg Speck at their next event.” Mark Schatzman, Teaching Pastor, Fellowship Bible Church Northwest Arkansas. Co-speaker with Greg at FamilyLife’s Weekend to Remember conferences