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“I enjoyed listening to you at snow camp. You helped me let God take control of my life. I now realize that God is in control and it is all good no matter what.” (Minnesota)

“Hi, I went to snow camp and had so much fun. One of my favorite things was listening to you speak. I just wanted to thank you for speaking to us, it really changed my life. I chose to come back home. Now that I am home what can I do to stay home?” (Wisconsin)

“I learned that it’s all good even when good or bad things happen; the Lord is watching over you. Please pray that I will keep following Jesus and not forget him” (This student made a first-time decision to follow Jesus at Snow Camp.) (Minnesota)

“God doesn’t just barge into your life, you have to accept him.” (This student made a first-time decision to follow Jesus at Snow Camp!) (Michigan)

“I’m a sophomore. I just wanted to say thank you so so much for speaking at the TKA-Woodleaf retreat this weekend. I really appreciate what you spoke about and I can relate what you said to what is going on in my life now. I am so thankful that you gave us the opportunity on Saturday night to reflect and break down our social barriers to show our peers how much we love and appreciate them in a safe environment. I feel that through your speaking, God has spoken to me and led me to reflect on many aspects of my life to strive to be a person of character.” (California)

“Hi! I just wanted to thank you so much for speaking this weekend. All your messages were so helpful for myself and my friends. They were very memorable and impactful. Thanks again.” (Iowa)

“Hi Greg! I heard you speak at Woodleaf this past weekend and I wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed listening to you speak. I have come back to Jesus and now I want to start spending time with Him each day.” (California)

“When you spoke on the love languages and sent people to make amends for stuff, the people who I’ve been hurt by most all came up to me and apologized for the exact things they did, these are people who don’t like to apologize, it was truly a miracle. I also saw you impact one of my friends in particular and it was amazing. I loved that you gave us dad hugs.” (New York)

“This weekend I came back to the Lord. Thank you, your messages really impacted me!” (Pennsylvania)

“I have known Jesus for a while but after this weekend I feel newly encouraged and really sense his love for me.” (North Carolina)

“When you think about youth speakers, sometimes it’s sort of like a barrier. Teens usually zone out within minutes. But not with Greg, he seriously knows how to connect with today’s teens, and it’s so clear how much he relies on God. Greg is hilarious but at the same time, he understands us and the problems we face. He is more than happy to spend time with us when he isn’t on the stage, he is really easy to talk to and listens to you. God has done and will continue to do amazing things through him.” (North Carolina)