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“It is not enough to say Greg Speck is preternaturally hilarious. He is. What is even truer is that Greg weaves the profundity of the gospel and his grasp of the human heart into stories and teaching that will change your life. Most of all I love how he loves Bonnie his wife with humility regarding his failures and delight that together they get to proclaim the sufficiency of Jesus.” Dan B Allender. Ph.D., Professor of Counseling Psychology and Founding President of The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology

“If you are looking for a compelling, relevant, entertaining and downright funny guy, authentic, and a biblically anchored speaker for teens, marrieds, and families, Greg Speck is your man! Greg has spoken at over 100 of FamilyLife’s Weekend to Remember marriage getaways and is absolutely one of the best communicators on our team. I wholeheartedly endorse him and encourage you to utilize him in your church, conference, or convention. You will NOT be disappointed.” Dr. Dennis Rainey, Co-Founder, FamilyLife

“Greg Speck is a talented and gifted communicator of Bible truth. He does so with gut-busting humor and powerful biblical applications. I highly recommend Greg for your speaking ministry needs for all ages. Engaging, entertaining, and evangelical expertise come to mind when I reflect on hearing Speck speak. His heart is to share the life-changing power of Jesus Christ! Booking Greg Speck for your youth event, marriage retreat, outreach event, or church conference is going to be a memorable event for all!” Laura Kay Loveberry, Author, Inspirational speaker, Mrs. America-Michigan 2007

“To experience a Greg Speck presentation is to take a master class in communication!
Over the past 20 years, I’ve invited Greg to speak to thousands of students and adults. He’s a national expert on youth development and family ministry. His messages connect with every audience every time. Greg’s communication style entertains, inspires and challenges listeners. He uses humor to put people at ease, dramatic storytelling to capture interest, and powerful illustrations to lock in learning. In today’s attention-deficit, device-obsessed culture, Greg breaks through the noise with sound wisdom and instruction. I’ve been fortunate to engage Greg as a speaker to at-risk teens, mega-church keynoter, and workshop trainer. You will be fortunate to work with Greg too!” Tom Richards, Chief Operating Officer, The Bob Pike Group

“Honest, polished, direct, relevant, sensitive and challenging are just a few of the terms I would use to describe the person and performance of Greg Speck. He charms his listeners through humor that has a purpose. Young people are drawn to his sincerity; adults find his wisdom to be practical. I have rarely met a speaker with such wide appeal. Greg is a man on a mission, and if you engage him, he will include you in the process.”
Dr. Joe Urcavich, Sr Executive, Align

“During my senior year of high school, a friend approached me telling me I had to go and hear this speaker and how incredibly awesome he was. She said he was the best high school speaker and storyteller she had ever heard. That was back in 1983 and Greg Speck has lived up to every word of it all these years. We’ve done many conferences and events together over many years and I’m never disappointed. In fact, every time I listen to him, he just keeps getting better.” Dr. Steve Huerd, Cru Theological Development, and Culture.

“To say that Greg is a favorite speaker at camp would be an understatement! Not only do our teens love him, but he has also become a preferred speaker for our marriage retreats! Our teens love him because they know he genuinely cares about them, and our couples love his humor! He is a gifted communicator. Use him… you won’t be sorry!” – Pat Petkau, Executive Director, Forest Springs Camp & Conference Center, Wisconsin

“It’s becoming harder and harder to connect with teenagers. The peer pressure to conform to unhealthy lifestyles is as strong as ever. Greg Speck has a special God-given anointing to engage youth right where they are. I’ve known Greg for over 25 years and have grown to love his heart for these “sheep without a shepherd.” If you’re looking for a man who loves teenagers and is hilarious too… give him a call!!” Ken Vensel, CRU North Florida Director

“I’ve seen Greg with ALL kinds of groups in many settings. He quickly earns the trust of his audience (because he’s real). He keeps them engaged (because they know he has something to say they need to hear). He re-engages with his listeners (because he’s laugh-out-loud funny). I still don’t know how he does it. Unlike many communicators, Greg doesn’t just tell stories…he delivers Biblical Truth that’s relevant and necessary. At the conferences I direct, I watch the back row of the audience. I see how long it takes to get a speaker to get their attention and, how long he keeps their attention. All eyes are Always on Greg. Yet, he’s humble, accessible to youth and adults well after the conference is over and everyone has gone home. If you want a flexible communicator, Greg is one of very few choices I’ve found.” Brent Thomas, Director, Reach Students Central District

“Witty, honest, loving, tender, wise, godly, truth speaking – Greg Speck is a beautiful amalgamation of God’s truth and love; he has always been a favorite because students and adults alike are challenged and changed by his words. Through powerful stories, Greg is able to connect to the hearts and minds of young people and then afterward, he gives hours of his free time to meet individually with those who seek him out. He will be the highlight of your year and a speaker you will rush to invite back.” Dr. Eileen J. Councill, Deputy Head of School, Qingdao, China

“Greg Speck captures audience hearts by combining practical Biblical truth and humor which also embraces the pain of real life. His engaging skills penetrate past hurt and provide tools to leave and live more successfully than when they arrived.” Bill Mutz, Mayor of Lakeland, Florida

“I have had the privilege of speaking with Greg Speck for over 12 years at marriage conferences and I have many friends who have invited him to speak at parenting and teens conferences also. Bottom line, Greg is a gifted and talented speaker. Greg understands our culture, he is theologically sound and blends humor with very serious topics. He keeps the participants engaged from beginning to end. You will not be disappointed if you ask Greg to speak at your event. I highly recommend him for any venue.” Mario Zandstra, President and CEO, Family Legacy

“Working and speaking with Greg for over 18 years with Family Life has been an immense privilege! Greg is a unique communicator who balances immense humor with much-needed wisdom and insight for today’s generation. His transparency and crafted presentations impact all who hear him. He is truly one of the most gifted communicators we know! He is, in addition, a truly genuine, God-serving and caring individual. We are blessed by his friendship! Barry and Pam Abell, Marriage and Family mentors, Seminar speakers and Bible study leaders

“If you are looking for a speaker for your ministry event I would recommend Greg Speck.
Greg has spoken at our DISTRICTS Youth Conference, for over 3,500 students, a number of times and is fantastic! I have also heard him speak at FCA Dinners, Marriage Conferences and other ministry events. I have found Greg to be very engaging and relates well to all types of groups. He has a great balance of using relevant stories and bringing the Bible to bear on important issues facing the different groups. When you are looking for a speaker that will not disappoint, it’s Greg Speck!” Rob Weise, EFCA-Forest Lakes District, Director of Student, Family Ministries and District Events

“My husband and I have had the pleasure of knowing Greg Speck since 2013. We attended our first Weekend to Remember marriage conference (a month after we were married) and his delivery was so dynamic. What an amazing man of God filled with humor and the passion to enhance marriages and lives of teenagers. We’ve requested his speaking services for other non-profit events. The polled rate of satisfaction has been astounding. We highly recommend Greg Speck to speak at your next event. Blessings” Dr. Ro and Roger Schmidt

“Greg Speck is one of the most gifted, passionate, humorous speakers I know. He connects and relates well to his audience no matter what age. Greg loves Jesus and people — this comes through in all of his messages and anytime spent with him.” Dr. Karen Grant, Youth Ministry Professor, Columbia International University, Columbia, South Carolina

“When I think of Greg Speck, he is a gifted speaker that holds audiences, young or old spellbound with his humor and his unique ability to communicate truth in a relevant and life-changing way. Honestly, though, a lot of speakers can hold audiences spellbound.
What makes Greg different? Greg cares. He is a servant and he is humble. He has compassion and sensitivity. God has given Greg insight as to where people are hurting. God uses Greg as one of His healing agents. His love for Jesus Christ comes through.
Having Greg speak at your event or camp, to young people or people not so young, is so much more because lives will be changes forever including yours.” Dr. Clarence Shuler, President/CEO BLR: Building Lasting Relationships, “Taking the BLuR out of Relationship”

“Look no further than Greg Speck. Few people I’ve seen and listened to are able to hold the attention of the room regardless of age as Greg can. He is engaging, very funny, a great storyteller, and Biblical. Greg’s stories, anecdotes, ministry experience and ability to share the good news and truth of the Bible are a special combination that God has used time and again to encourage weary hearts and bring life to dead souls. I am thankful for Greg Speck!”
Matthew Roop, PGA, Multi-Area Director, Northeast & North Central Florida FCA, FCA Golf JAX